We help

entrepreneurs develop state-of-the-art business plans using our proprietary ATHENASIA Framework that has been deployed in a wide variety of contexts and purposes by entrepreneurs all around the world.

We work

with startups, existing business owners and even sizeable international companies. Under our “business plan services”, we also deliver business modeling sessions and strategic planning for Multinational Corporations (MNC’s).

We can

develop the plans both face to face (through consulting, coaching, training, workshops…) or via an online course
(Discover the online course here)

This flexibility enables us to work with projects of different scale and scope and provide clients with the solutions that fits both their needs and budgets.

Our business plan services help you to :

  • Structure your ideas
  • Develop Strategic Business Plans
  • Raise funds
  • Or sometimes just get this “[email protected]#% plan” the bank, immigration department, grant agency, … is asking for.


Why work with us?
  • More than 35,000 students in 168 countries
  • You will “own” your plan (if coaching)
  • Beautiful well structured plans that sells
  • We create visual plan that are appealing instead of “books” that nobody wants to read
  • Genuine expertise with 10 years practical experience
  • Focus on value creation and strategy, not random numbers thrown in the air
  • Understanding of VC world
  • Challenge your ideas and assumptions

What We Do

As always partners grows with you !

1. Coaching

Our most popular solution (beside online courses) remains our COACHING in 10 sessions (3 to 4 hours each) during which we help you to develop your own personal plan.

Most of the solutions in the market provide you with either a “Do It Yourself” template/software or consultants that will write the plan for you. But let’s face it! DIY leaves you on your own doing something you are not familiar with. This results in many mistakes and corny plans that make no sense at all. A trained eye will spot an amateur plan in 2 minutes. On the other hand, if you ask consultants to write your plan it becomes “their plan” not yours. And you end up with a nice document that you don’t understand. Worst case scenario; you do it cheaply via a freelancer website and you end up with a bad plan that you don’t understand.

We prefer to deliver a mix of one on one “Training, coaching and consulting” to give most of the value to the client. We develop the plan with you. You learn along the way, we truly understand your idea, we assist you in the writing and we make sure you understand fully your plan. This method gives you full ownership and helps you to talk about your business, find partners, manage operations and convince Investors. This business plan coaching is not just a document, it’s a real investment into your business success.

About the investment? This solution is not cheap but it’s great value. For HKD32,000 you get 10 sessions one on one. That’s about 30 to 40 hours.

Your coach will be our founder “Laurent Timmermans” with more than 10 years management consulting experience. Currently studying a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with a Thesis related to Business Plan Development and VC funding in Hong Kong.

2. Writing

Sometimes all you need is a business plan to fit a specific purpose such as :

  • Applying for a corporate bank account
  • Get an employment visa for your staff
  • Get an investment/entrepreneur visa
  • Apply for a grant
  • Apply for a bank Loan
  • Show around to a few potential partners
  • Present in a pitching competition
  • Present angel/ VC…

And most of the time people are not keen to pay for coaching or don’t want to spend the time on it. Therefore we came up with this solution. For HKD15,000 to HKD48,000 we spend one day with you asking questions about your business and then we write a pitch deck for you on Powerpoint of Keynote using our structure.

3. Training (Workshop)

This business plan course is organised with organisation, NGO’s, MNC’s, schools, universities… Format and duration might differ depending on the situation.

We explore how to :

  •  Carry out a simple business analysis (external and internal)
  • Define your Vision, Mission, Ambition and Measures of Success
  • Define your Marketing
  • Explain your operations
  • Identify your people needs
  • Summarise your plan into a financial plan
  • Choose your corporate structure and identify legal requirements of your business
  • Identify key risks and develop risk mitigation strategy
  • Define your financial needs and source of capital


After the workshop you receive a : “Certificate in Business Plan Development for SMB”

4. In-House Corporate Training/Workshop

We offer courses/training/workshops on performance management from strategy to execution for MNC’s.


We have 3 “off the shelves program:

  • Managing the Organization
  • Managing the team
  • Managing the Individual contributor


We can also customise our workshop to your organisation specific needs.

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