Our CSR Stance

CSR is not about doing business as usual and running a CSR program.

CSR is about running the entire company “in the right way” from strategy to execution. Starting deep inside with nature of the business itself.

There is no point in having a “clean the beach day” or “help box lifting in a food NGO Guillemets” or making “donations to Greenpeace” when your company sells cigarettes or sugary soda that pose threats to people health.

CSR is about running our business in a purpose driven and ethical manner doing the right thing for our clients, employees and community.

We contribute to sustainability by helping people to start, grow and optimise sustainable businesses.

Community Initiatives

We are member of United Nations ESCAP Sustainability Business Network and active in the Youth Entrepreneurs Task force (YET)

ATHENASIA Recognitions

“At the end of the year we plant 10 trees for each active client.”

We have already planted over 21,548 trees with the help of our partner, Eden Project.

Trees are planted in Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, and Indonesia. We mainly plant Mangrove as mangrove is one of the most effective trees to capture CO2 furthermore it helps to stabilize coastline, hold soil and offer shelter for wildlife. Through this project, not only are we tackling the issue of global warming but we are also contributing to the social development of local communities that actually plant the trees.


Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that plants millions of trees every year on the behalf of donors, businesses, and foundations.

CSR as a Strategy

Our Impact

ATHENASIA Consulting Limited supports the Sustainable Development Goals

The main SDG of Focus for ATHENASIA CONSULTING is the SDG 8: “Decent Work and Economic Growth”

We believe robotization and automation will have a tremendous impact on people’s lives and will destruct labor as we know it. We believe that in the future many people will become freelancers or entrepreneurs of some sort. We also believe the world is losing its boundary due to the internet and other technology and business should think global. Therefore, we are helping people to start, grow and optimize their international businesses.

We help entrepreneurs to develop sustainable businesses thus creating a job for themselves and for the community.

As employer ourselves, we strive to provide quality, well paid and relevant jobs to our people and engage in a long-term trusting relationship with our staff.

Besides SDG 8, ATHENASIA CONSULTING also impact secondary SDG’s through the way we deploy of our operations.

We believe in internationalizing operations. Hong Kong has 1% unemployment which makes it difficult to develop our operations locally. Furthermore, the workforce tends to be expensive compared to the region and competition is fierce. Finally, to increase our impact, we try our best to maintain a competitive pricing. Therefore, we have developed part of our operations in The Philippines. We can find great staff, well qualified. They are happy to get good jobs, well paid in their field while staying in their own country with their families. We gain a cost-effective, loyal and competent pool of talent while helping to redistribute wealth and reduce world inequalities.

We do not make any difference based on gender. Everybody is given equal chance to develop and grow according to their skills and ambition. We do not discriminate in function of age, gender or ethnicity. We only want people that align with our values.

Nevertheless, we don’t do any kind of “positive discrimination” to try to keep a ratio male/female balanced or to make sure there are at least 50% women in leadership position. As we believe this kind of practices are unfair and counterproductive.

As a service company, our operations do not have much impact on the environment because we don’t manufacture anything. Nevertheless, we always strive to make choices that are eco-friendly. We try to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper we use, the amount of plastic we use, we invest in sustainable materials that will last for a long time instead of cheap single-use ones. When we can; we reuse, buy second hand, resell what we don’t need. We calculate our carbon footprint and compensate it once a year to offset our emissions.

Besides the compensation of our C02 emissions, we go beyond carbon neutrality by planting more trees.

We can not have an impact on every SDG but what we can do is support organizations that work towards the achievement of SDGs by providing our unique set of skills to them either at at a discount or for free.

Here are a few examples:

Feeding Hong Kong: Providing food to people in need in Hong Kong by collecting leftover from restaurants, retail shops, farms… Thus indirectly contributing to SDG1: Zero Hunger.

Redress: Providing sustainable fashion to reduce waste from fast-moving fashion goods and advocating for fabric recycling thus contributing to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

We currently help 2 charities (HK Section 88) which goals are aligned with our values and SDG’s by providing free accounting services.


We are also supporting AIESEC. An organisation that alignS with our values by delivering free Workshops to and by referring potential partners when we can.


  • TRUST and STAFF HAPPINESS: is at the center of our People Management strategy.

  • MASTERY: We intend to develop people to reach their full potential. Enable them to reach mastery in their art and fulfill themselves in the work place.

  • FUN EXPERIENCE: Friendly and fun office experience.

  • CULTURE: Culture of performance and open communication with ongoing feedback.

  • DIVERSITY: We enjoy diversity: No discrimination on basis of gender, ethnicity, physical abilities (as long as the job can be done) or culture (unless it conflicts with our values).

  • AUTONOMY: Flexible entry and exit of work place, flexible lunch time, ability for employee to run work in their own way, performance based culture without micromanagement.

  • FLEXIBILITY: 5 day work , on-demand leaves and sick leaves (without request of medical proof).

  • COMMUNITY: We get involved in our community by providing free training to universities, AIESEC, entrepreneurs, mentoring… and we provide help within our areas of expertise to not for profit organizations.


PURPOSE: Our Business has a social purpose. We help entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. We also help them to be compliant with rules and regulations as well as optimise their structure to improve their own sustainability.

CASHFLOW: Cashflow is essential to the sustainability of the business and we keep sufficient cash reserve to face potential downtime.

STAFF BONUS: We share economic success with employees through salary increase and bonuses

REVENUE STREAM: We generate income in a sustainable and responsible manner. We do not value profit over ethics.

We refuse to work with individuals and companies involved in drugs, money laundry, pornography, businesses that do not respect human rights, tax evasion, illegal sales of weapons.

We only accept work with tobacco and alcoholic beverage industries IF we can help to make positive sustainable change in their organisation.

TRUTH OVER SALES: We always tell the truth to clients even if it is not what they want to hear and we do not use misleading marketing strategies.


CSR: Environment

CSR: Environment

As a Business Service Provider our environmental impact is relatively limited but we can still try to limit it by reducing our travels, waste, consumption habits… as well as compensate for our emissions. Here are our commitments: