Our experience as business planner brought us to interact with Investment bankers, Funds, VCs, Angels, PE firms…

We are now able to give access to this network and help our clients to raise funds for their venture. We can mainly help companies in later stage that are looking for M&A or IPO with funding requirements above USD 10 million (For some rare cases we can go under but it has to be really appealing).

How do we work?

We first sign an intermediary contract and an NDA to seal our partnership. We do not charge any case opening fees nor retainer. We only take a commission on successful transaction.

By experience, we have NEVER received a good plan that we can use immediately. Therefore we charge a case opening fee that varies between EUR5,000 and 10,000 (depending on the information provided and the complexity) to review or create the business plan. It’s not money lost, you can even use this plan by yourself to find funds by yourself (if you want).

When the plan is ready, we will send the plan to our partners and connections in HK and Europe (depending on the cases). When a case is funded, we receive our commission from the client.

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Why work with us?
  • No retainer fees
  • Minimal case opening fee (to revamp business Plan)
  • You pay commission only if the case is funded
  • Choice between commission or equity
  • Business Planning Expertise
  • Euro-Asian investors

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