Legal Maintenance and Compliance

Every year the you will have to do a few things to keep your company up and running legally.


We offer an affordable package that covers all these requirements so that you keep your energy on the business and we handle the paperwork. Our yearly package for maintenance and compliance includes:

  • Appoint ourselves as Company Secretary
  • Submit Annual Return (AR)
  • Pay AR Fees
  • Pay the Business Registration (BR) Fees – 2,250 HKD
  • Keep the registered Office address
  • Registered address
  • Correspondence Address


*All this is already included in your incorporation package for the first year.


Why work with us?
  •  All inclusive package
  • No hidden fees – 100% transparent and complete about our services and pricing
  • Boutique customer service (talk to humans)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Affiliation opportunity
  • Really approachable
  • Clear and easy


This approach has earned us the trust of existing clients, countless referrals and new “shopping clients” undecided between several providers…

Full Package Legal Maintenance

HKD 7,800

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "legal maintenance"? I never seen that on other websites…

Well, in ATHENASIA we try our best to simplify our client’s life. Therefore, we like to offer “full packages” so that the client pays for a bundle of services and government fees and we don’t have to harass him/her all the time for small payments.

The legal maintenance includes everything you need to run your company for one year in terms of compliance: company secretary, registered office, government fees (AR, BR), fill in Annual Return, submit Business Registration and we also perform ad hoc company secretary duty at no extra cost (you only pay for the government fees but our consulting is included).

The first year of secretarial services and registered address is included in your company setup package. So you will only have to pay again after 1 year of operation.

When should I pay for this?

You will pay every year at the anniversary of your company.

Does legal maintenance include accounting?

No! Accounting audit and tax are a separate thing. See our accounting services.

What is the AR?

The AR is the Annual Return, it's a document you send back every year to update the government about changes in terms of share capital, shareholders, directors, company name, company address, secretary… If there is no changes you still have to fill it.

What is the BR?

The BR is the Business Registration. You have to renew it every year. It will cost you HKD2,250 / year but if you work with us this fee is included in the legal maintenance package.

What happens if I don't pay the BR and/or don't submit the AR ?

Initially you will get fines until a point government will lose patience and will send you a summons to court. We strongly recommend you to be serious with this. If you work with ATHENASIA we will make sure we contact you at the right time to get all this in order.

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