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ATHENASIA Core Team, Hong Kong Company Incorporation, Company Secretary, Accounting, Tax, Audit Team

Who Are We?




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ATHENASIA is a management consulting and accounting company based in Hong Kong.

We started the business in 2012, primarily focusing on Business Planning and Performance Management consulting and training. Over the years we have constantly challenged our assumptions and reinvented ourselves. Nowadays, ATHENASIA is your right partner to START, GROW and OPTIMIZE your business.

What Services ATHENASIA Provide?

We work on 5 main areas:

What We do?

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong Company Setup and Maintenance

Accounting, Audit & Tax Representation

Business Plan Development

M&A (500,000 EUR +)

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What Do We Believe In?

We envision a world in which businesses are contributing to sustainable development. Where financial, social and environmental results are not only balanced but also maximized. We believe that we can contribute to that vision by making businesses smarter (in terms of the way they are structured and managed) and more human (more purposeful, focused on value creation). Our solutions inspire both entrepreneurs, managers, team members and investors to actively contribute to your organization success.

The meaning of ATHENASIA Consulting

Our Name


And by extension Philosophy, Rationality, Creativity and Inspiration

The disciplined, strategic side of war. (In contrast to her brother Ares, the patron of violence, bloodlust and slaughter)


And by extension Philosophy, Rationality, Creativity and Inspiration

Craftsmen & Techniques Entrepreneurs:

An ideal name for a company that offers services to entrepreneurs and managers in order to help them to run and start their company in a wiser, more strategic and structured manner to achieve sustainable results.

ATHENASIA means “Eternal life” in ancient Greek. ATHENASIA also comes from the compression of “Athena” and “Asia”. Athena is the Greek Goddess of:

ATHENASIA Vision and Mission

Our Vision & Mission

"We envision a world of entrepreneurs/freelancers that fun sustainable* businesses."

*Profit, People and Planet

Strategic and business planning

Company incorporation and maintenance

Accounting, audit and taxation

We help people to start, grow and optimize their business by providing services in the areas of: 

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Our Values


Athenasia is a company by and for entrepreneurs. We embody entrepreneurship in our work ethic and interactions, emphasizing accountability, flexibility, and calculated risk-taking. We're quick, responsive, decisive, and committed to integrity.


We maintain a culture of open and effective communications. We listen to each other and we dare to express our ideas and feelings in a constructive manner. This help us to enjoy working together and earns us the trust of our colleagues and clients.

Effective Communication

Aligned with our vision, we aim to create a sustainable business that serves all stakeholders. We focus on long-term profitability, employee satisfaction, and acting in the best interest of the environment and communities where we operate.


We hold a deep sense of care for every stakeholder connected to our company, ensuring that we consider the interests and well-being of the government, our valued clients, dedicated colleagues, and trusted partners in all of our business endeavors.

Genuine Care

We operate resourcefully with the assets at our disposal, consistently seeking innovative methods to deliver solutions for our clients. Our approach is to maximize the potential of our limited resources, turning constraints into opportunities for creativity and efficiency.


If an activity lacks enjoyment, it begs the question of its worth. Fun infuses our work with passion and purpose; without it, we lose the very essence that propels us forward.

Having Fun

reviews: 5/5

ATHENASIA Consulting  -  Google Review
ATHENASIA Consulting - Google Review

A Partner You Can Trust


We have guided over 1,000 clients toward their aspirations from all corners of the globe, our dedicated account managers have been the beacon for businesses seeking more than just services, but a partnership.

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Office Hours

9:00a.m - 6:00p.m HKT

+852 3706 5996

Phone Number

Email Adress

2301, 23F Bayfield Building, 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


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Hong Kong Company Incorporation
Company Secretary/Legal Maintenance
Accounting & Tax

Ready to join the ranks of over 1,000 satisfied clients from every corner of the world? At Athenasia, our dedicated account managers are more than service providers; they're your partners in success.

My company has been using Athenasia over the last few years and we can't recommend them enough.

This company was recommended at that time by a friend and I would strongly recommend you to try their services.

Thomas Colinet

Athenasia delivers an outstanding service to my company uHey Limited.


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