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ATHENASIA Consulting Google Reviews
ATHENASIA Consulting Google Reviews

reviews: 5/5

ATHENASIA Hong Kong Accounting, Tax and Audit Service

Tax filing, Accounting & Auditing Services

Unlock the potential of your business with Athenasia's detailed accounting services, tailored for Hong Kong's dynamic market. We provide the financial insight and expertise necessary to maintain your company's economic equilibrium and propel you towards informed, strategic growth in the heart of Asia's financial hub.

Athenasia delivers a full-service financial package for Hong Kong businesses, combining accounting, auditing, and tax services for complete fiscal management.

Comprehensive Service


We charge based on your turnover levels, not by transaction volume—offering a scalable solution that grows with your business and maximizes your financial advantage.

Charged Based on


We're one of the few accounting firms (if not the only firm) in Hong Kong that provide offshore tax exemption application services to you at no extra cost.

Free offshore tax exemption

Tax filing, Accounting & Auditing Services in Hong Kong

Certified XERO adviser


ATHENASIA has been a Xero partner since 2015

ATHENASIA Consulting - Certified XERO Gold Partner for Accounting in Hong Kong

Our dedicated account managers provide swift, personalized service, ensuring your financial affairs are in expert hands, freeing you to focus on what you do best - your business.

Accounting Simplified

Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce accounting expert

Experts in Xero, Quickbooks, Odoo and many others

Integrations with many vendors

Free offshore tax exemption application

Your own dedicated manager looking after you

Use of technology to reduce bills for clients

Accounting/tax/audit all in one package

Prices charges based on turnover