We offer

“We offer all included affordable services, with no hidden cost” that provide peace of mind to our clients in terms of opening and maintaining a company in Hong Kong.

Peace of mind

You pay us once a year and you know everything is done properly for you on time and as per the rules and regulations of Hong Kong without having to think about it.

Focus on your business

You focus on your business, we handle the paperwork.

We don’t just sell accounting packages… We provide peace of mind and get the job done. We also help you to open your limited company in Hong Kong and set up your legal structure.

 Our service includes:

  • The filling of the papers for the incorporation (NNC1, IRB1)
  • The fees to pay to the government (CR and BR)
  • Certified true copies of all the documents required to open a bank account
  • 1 Year company secretary
  • All company secretary services at cost (change of Director, Share transfer)
  • 1 Year registered address
  • 1 Year Correspondence address
  • Filling of Annual Return at the end of year 1
  • Introduction to Banks, Virtual Bank or MSO (depending on your situation)
  • SCR (Significant Controllers Register)
  • Virtual Green Box (BR, CI, Articles of Association)
  • Physical Green Box (optional) The Green Box [Company rubber chops (Signature and Round), Company Seal, Statutory Book (and Minute book), Share Certificate Book, 10 copies of your Articles of Association]

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    Why work with us?
    • All inclusive package
    • No hidden fees – 100% transparent and complete about our services and pricing
    • Boutique customer service (talk to humans)
    • Competitive pricing
    • Really approachable
    • Clear and easy


    This approach has earned us the trust of existing clients, countless referrals and new “shopping clients” undecided between several providers…

    Bank account opening

    Since 2016, opening a bank account in Hong Kong has become increasingly difficult. Most of the major banks nowadays don’t even want to see small accounts or overseas owners.

    The reasons: Banks have to follow more regulations which result in an increase of compliance with the introduction of CRS (Common Reporting Standard) of OECD and new Anti Money Laundry (AML) / Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) introduced by HKMA and FATCA (US). Because of this increased pressure, banks are now taking commercial decisions to determine whether a client is “worthy” of the paperwork.

    As per 2020, for Hong Kong residents, there are not many difficulties to open traditional bank accounts in Hong Kong.

    However, for non residents, it is more difficult (especially if you don’t have a permanent establishment in Hong Kong).

    We can help to:

    • Open bank account in Mauritius
    • Work with virtual banks or MSO (Money Service Operators) in Hong Kong (They actually work like traditional banks, you can store money, receive money, and make HKD/forex transactions. You can also connect with third party payment gateway (Paypal, Stripe, Amazon…). However, you don’t have counter service, insurance, financing…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the procedure take to open a limited company?

    With us, you have to count around 2 to 3 working days. We don’t have differential pricing for slow versus express service, we do as fast as we can. Generally, the company will be setup in 1 day but then we have to wait for the green box. Please note that the government doesn’t work during weekends and public holidays.

    Will you get me a bank account?

    Well! We don’t promise the bank account opening.

    Nevertheless, if you are a HK resident it is quite an easy game to get it in a local bank.

    For non-residents, nowadays there are options. Either set up an account offshore (Mauritius) and/or work with an MSO (Money Service Operator) which offers you the same service as a bank in terms of holding your deposit and enabling your transaction (in HKD or Forex). Contact us for more info. Unless you carry out a risky business in a risky jurisdiction. These are pretty easy to get. Example: Neat, Currenxie, Statrys, Airwallex…

    Can I sponsor my visa with my company?

    No, you won’t be able to get a working visa from your company. If you want a visa you will have to apply for a Business Investment Visa. We can put you in touch with an expert for more information.

    One of your competitor is charging 800 HKD for the company setup why you are charging me that much?

    HKD 800 is impossible to get a full package because just the government fees are about HKD4,000 (Sometimes the government waves the BR but you still have an Incorporation certification fee of HKD1,720 + a levy of HKD250)

    We choose to give our clients a “full price” so that they know exactly how much it will cost them. Some of our competitors prefer to attract clients with a really low entry price that they generally call “the cost of their service” and after charge all the rest independently (which generally include markup as well). The issue is that you never know how much it’s gonna cost you. Our package even includes the registered address, company secretary, and SCR (Significant Controllers Register).

    Our clients tend to value transparency and like to know the cost upfront without hiding anything.

    We are even one of the really few consultants that inform you of the ongoing costs of your Hong Kong company (Maintenance and yearly accounting).

    I want to open an offshore company and pay 0% tax

    Well, there is no such thing as an “offshore company” in Hong Kong. No matter you are in or out of Hong Kong you will operate with the same structure a “Limited Company”. Now, what is possible is to claim offshore tax exemption on your profit under the argument that your profit has been realized exclusively outside Hong Kong (You have no operations, no contract signed, basically nothing in Hong Kong). In this case, you won’t have to pay tax in Hong Kong. But be careful it is not the equivalent of paying 0% tax. It just means your profit has not been taxed YET.

    Please keep in mind that claiming the offshore tax exemption can be costly and there is no guarantee. Furthermore, by proving you have no substance in Hong Kong (No permanent establishment, no operations, no sales…) you let the door open for other jurisdictions to ask you to pay corporate tax on your profit in their countries. We advise you to have a good international tax lawyer if you want to go on this path.

    I don't live in Hong Kong, can I open a company here?

    Yes, you don’t have to be Hong Kong resident to open a company.

    What is the corporate tax rate in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong has a 2 tiers tax system for corporate tax. 8.25% for the first HKD 2 million profit (meaning after deducting expenses from your revenues) per year and 16.5% on the remaining amount.

    For your information, there is no GST/VAT in Hong Kong (Careful if you sell in other jurisdictions),  no tax on dividend (careful if you live in a jurisdiction that tax foreign income), personal tax is progressive, and capped at 15%.