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How to open a company in Hong Kong in 2024?

Updated: May 17

Open a company in Hong Kong with ATHENASIA Consulting
ATHENASIA's all-inclusive HKD10,800 Hong Kong company setup package provides end-to-end services for swift and compliant company incorporation, including preparing documentation, paying government fees, providing corporate supplies, registered address, company secretary, fintech solutions, and ongoing annual compliance support - simplifying the process so you can focus on growing your business in one of Asia's top financial hubs.

Hong Kong is renowned as a global business hub, thanks to its strategic location, favorable tax policies, and a robust legal system. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand in Asia, Hong Kong serves as the perfect gateway.

However, navigating the complexities of company registration in Hong Kong can be challenging. Our comprehensive Hong Kong company setup package is meticulously designed to simplify this process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

What Does Our HKD10,800 Company Setup Package Include?

Efficient Handling of Incorporation Documents

The foundation of setting up your company in Hong Kong begins with the accurate filling out and submission of key incorporation documents, namely the NNC1 and IRB1 forms. Our experienced team ensures these forms are meticulously prepared, aligning with the requirements set forth by the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Government Fees Management

Our service package is inclusive of all mandatory government fees:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (CI): A fee of HKD1,720 is covered under our package.

  • Business Registration Certificate (BRC): This includes a fee of HKD2,000 plus a HKD150 levy, essential for obtaining your tax identification number and ensuring compliance with Hong Kong's Inland Revenue Department.

Provision of Essential Corporate Supplies

Upon successful registration, each company receives a comprehensive Green Box which includes:

  • One metal company seal

  • Two rubber stamps

  • A statutory book

  • Ten copies of your Articles of Association

  • Blank share certificates

This kit equips your business with the necessary tools for authenticating documents and managing corporate records effectively.

Registered and Correspondence Address

For the first year, we provide both a registered address and a correspondence address for your company. This not only meets legal requirements but also enhances the professionalism of your business communications.

Dedicated Company Secretary Services

Our package includes one year of company secretary services. This role is crucial as it involves ensuring that your company complies with statutory obligations and corporate governance practices as stipulated under Hong Kong law.

Creation of the Significant Controllers Register

We assist in setting up the Significant Controllers Register, a compliance requirement that enhances corporate transparency by identifying and registering individuals who have significant control over the company.

Facilitation of Fintech Solutions

Recognizing the importance of modern financial solutions for business operations, we facilitate the opening of fintech accounts through our partners, Airwallex or Currenxie. This service is pivotal for businesses looking to manage their finances more efficiently in a digital landscape.

Quick and Transparent Processing

Our team ensures that your company can be operational within 1-2 working days under normal circumstances. However, in instances of additional verifications by the Hong Kong Companies Registry, the process may extend up to approximately 5 days. We commit to keeping you informed every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and transparent registration process.

Annual Compliance and Beyond

Once your company is established, our services continue to support your business with annual legal maintenance and compliance. Starting from the second year, our annual package helps manage your company's ongoing legal requirements, including renewals of business registration, filing of annual returns, and maintaining the Significant Controllers Register, all for a competitive fee of HKD8,800 per year.

Open a company in Hong Kong

With our comprehensive service package, establishing and maintaining a company in Hong Kong becomes hassle-free, allowing you to leverage Hong Kong’s business-friendly environment fully. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or an international business looking to penetrate the Asian markets, our tailored solutions ensure your swift, compliant, and successful entry into one of the world’s leading financial centers. If you are interested and would like to open a company in Hong Kong, schedule a free consultation today to get started.

ATHENASIA Consulting - Open a company in Hong Kong, schedule a free consultation


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