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What is the Green Box used for in Hong Kong companies?

Updated: Jun 19

Hong Kong Company Green Box
The Green Box is a crucial collection of statutory documents for Hong Kong companies, ensuring legal compliance and operational transparency. It includes essential items like the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, and various registers and minutes of meetings. Proper maintenance of the Green Box supports smooth business transactions, facilitates audits, and upholds good corporate governance practices.

You will often see one of these green box when you incorporate a company in Hong Kong, but not many entrepreneurs know what it is actually for. Often overlooked by new entrepreneurs, the Green Box is a fundamental part of maintaining legal and operational order within a Hong Kong company.

This article delves into what the Green Box is, its importance, and how it helps ensure that businesses stay compliant with local regulations.

What is the Green Box?

The term "Green Box" refers to a physical box or folder that contains all the critical statutory documents and records of a Hong Kong company.

It's a legal requirement for companies to maintain these documents in a secure and organized manner.

Typically, the Green Box includes the following items:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation

  2. Business Registration Certificate

  3. Articles of Association

  4. Share Certificates

  5. Registers (Members, Directors, Secretaries)

  6. Company Chop

  7. Minutes of Meetings

  8. Annual Return

  9. Significant Controllers Register (SCR)

  10. Other Compliance Documents

Detailed Components of the Green Box

1. Certificate of Incorporation

  • This document serves as the official proof of the company's formation and legal existence. Issued by the Companies Registry, it includes the company’s registration number and date of incorporation.

2. Business Registration Certificate

  • Issued by the Inland Revenue Department, this certificate is proof that the company is registered for business operations in Hong Kong. It must be renewed annually.

3. Articles of Association

  • The Articles of Association outline the company's internal governance structure, rules, and regulations. It includes information about the company’s objectives, share capital, and the roles and responsibilities of directors and shareholders.

4. Share Certificates

  • These are physical or electronic documents that certify the ownership of shares in the company. Each certificate includes details of the shareholder, number of shares held, and date of issuance.

5. Registers

  • Register of Members: Records the details of the shareholders.

  • Register of Directors: Contains information about the company's directors.

  • Register of Secretaries: Lists the company's secretaries.

  • These registers are essential for transparency and legal compliance, and they must be kept up-to-date.

6. Company Chop

  • The company chop (seal or stamp) is used to officially endorse documents. It is a critical tool for authenticating business contracts and official papers.

7. Minutes of Meetings

  • Detailed records of the proceedings and decisions made during shareholders’ and directors’ meetings. These minutes are crucial for legal and operational transparency.

8. Annual Return

  • A mandatory document that must be filed with the Companies Registry every year. It provides a snapshot of the company's structure, including directors, shareholders, and registered office.

9. Significant Controllers Register (SCR)

  • This register includes information about individuals or entities with significant control over the company. It’s part of Hong Kong’s efforts to enhance corporate transparency and combat money laundering.

10. Other Compliance Documents

  • Depending on the nature of the business, this could include licenses, permits, and other regulatory compliance documents specific to the industry.

Importance of the Green Box

1. Legal Compliance

  • The Green Box ensures that all statutory documents are maintained as per Hong Kong regulations. Failure to keep these documents properly can result in fines and legal complications.

2. Operational Transparency

  • Having a well-organized Green Box enhances transparency within the company. It provides a clear record of the company’s legal and operational status, which is essential for both internal management and external audits.

3. Ease of Reference

  • Keeping all important documents in one place makes it easy for company officers to reference them when needed. This is particularly useful during audits, legal disputes, or any situation requiring verification of company records.

4. Facilitates Smooth Transactions

  • The company chop, share certificates, and other documents in the Green Box are often required for business transactions, including opening bank accounts, signing contracts, and applying for loans.

5. Supports Corporate Governance

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records supports good corporate governance practices. It helps in ensuring that the company adheres to best practices in management and operations.

How to Maintain a Green Box

1. Regular Updates

  • Ensure that all documents are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the company’s structure or operations. This includes updating registers and filing annual returns on time.

2. Secure Storage

  • Keep the Green Box in a secure location to prevent loss, damage, or unauthorized access. It’s advisable to have both physical and digital copies of all documents.

3. Professional Assistance

  • Consider engaging a corporate service provider or company secretary to help maintain and manage the Green Box. Professionals can ensure that all compliance requirements are met and that records are kept in proper order.


The Green Box is an essential element of corporate compliance for Hong Kong companies. It serves as the cornerstone for maintaining legal and operational integrity.

By understanding the importance of each document within the Green Box and keeping it well-organized, companies can ensure smooth operations, regulatory compliance, and robust corporate governance. For businesses looking to establish themselves in Hong Kong,

Athenasia Consulting offers expert guidance and comprehensive support in setting up and maintaining your Green Box. Contact us today to learn more and ensure your business meets all necessary requirements.


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